Business Maturity

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Each section will allow you to select an answer that best suits your current state. It is important that you do not over evaluate yourself. We are here to help and if you state you are further along, we may not be able to provide the help you need.
Entrepreneur Maturity
1. IDEA: Out Meeting others at Networking events.
2. FEASIBILITY: Brainstorming ideas, reading books every month. Making sales
3. CREATION: Micro-failures and turn-downs. Made at least 10 pitches
4. LAUNCH: 50+ Pitches, leading teams of over 10 people.
5. GROWTH: Leading teams of leaders. Delegation through 3-4 tiers of leaders
6. MATURITY: Life/Business altering failure. Has lead through successful exit(s)
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Team Maturity
1. IDEA: Solo-preneur. Team less than a year together. Loosely structured partnerships.
2. FEASIBILITY: Have spent at least a year together. Don't have all the key roles in the Leadership Matrix.
3. CREATION: At least a year together. Structured mentor in place. Leadership Matrix Score over 40.
4. LAUNCH: Developed an annual implementation plan. Deep market/industry expertise onboard. Leadership Matrix Score over 50.
5. GROWTH: Values established and held to. Meeting rhythm weekly & quarterly. Following a 90 day plan with accountabilities stated for each role.
6. MATURITY: Hiring process around VMVGs. Strengths, weaknesses and personalities are understood. Comfortable with conflict and resolution in meetings
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Solution Maturity
Solution (product/service)
1. IDEA: Clear definition of problem. Prospective client validation. Differentiation is discovered.
2. FEASIBILITY: Extensive client feedback. Prototype developed. Pilot client. Testing and agency input. Target market clearly defined. Supply chain vetted.
3. CREATION: Mission clearly defined (who, why). MVP in the market. Paying customers. Excellent reviews. IP Established. Supply chain under contract.
4. LAUNCH: Version 2.0 into the market. Defined sales and CRM being used.
5. GROWTH: Target Market Validation >19%. Testimonials and fan base.
6. MATURITY: Target Market adoption >25%. The defacto solution in segment.
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Financial Maturity
1. IDEA: Budget designed. COGS developed. Pricing Strategy.
2. FEASIBILITY: Break-even analysis (cash flow). Basic Proformas. Key metrics started.
3. CREATION: Cash Flow Management. Bookkeeping system. Pitch deck finalized. Some capital in place (FFF).
4. LAUNCH: Deeply tested pitch deck. Raised savvy capital. Dedicated financials role.
5. GROWTH: Veteran pitch deck. Beyond seed round investors. Growing profitability.
6. MATURITY: CFO (Shared or FTE) who has lead through an exit.
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Business Maturity
1. IDEA: Newborn. Needs full life support. Fragile and vulnerable. May or may not be incorporated. More than an idea.
2. FEASIBILITY: Toddler. Constant supervision. Trying lots of things - unfocused. Low level risks identified. Mission and Vision identified (BHAG).
3. CREATION: Child. Fun, curious, not supporting the parents. Several key risks identified and countermeasured. Clearly defined business model.
4. LAUNCH: Adolescent. Making it's own money. Still needs direction and support. Risks identified & countermeasured. Generating consistent cash flow.
5. GROWTH: Teen. The popular kid, doesn't always follow the rules. Risk of self-destruction. May help support the parents. Growing profitably.
6. MATURITY: Adult. Can fully manage itself. Company playbook complete and follwed.
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Final Instructions
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