SH3 | Dawn Patrol walk | Saturday 29th June 2019
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a great excuse to get out of bed early, meet up with fellow hashers, and walk in the woods and meadows before lesser beings are afoot. Added to which the interesting wildlife is more abundant in the early hours. Length of walk is 9.5 miles with a coffee and doughnut stop of 30 minutes in Peaslake. ETA at pub is 11a.m.
- You don't have to walk if you want to only join us at the pub.

is from Shamley Green along a flour-marked trail, so latecomers can find their way, to Peaslake where we stop at the village stores for a coffee break. After coffee we climb up to Pitch Hill then walk down into Cranleigh with, weather permitting, great views to the South with Gatwick in the S.East and Dunsfold Areodrome / Blackdown Hill in the S.West.

Shamley Green 6:30 a.m. []
Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh []

Prepay for £10 brunch deal which includes brunch and a pint of beer or a 175ml glass of wine.
Walk-ins on the day will be charged more and depends on food availability.

Walk & Brunch -or- Brunch Only (meet at pub). Last year we had 26 walkers and about another 10 hashers join us at the pub.

See who is registered: []


* Bacon
* Black Pudding
* Sausages
* Beans
* Eggs
* Mushrooms
* Tomatoes
* Fried Bread

* Beans
* Mushrooms
* Tomatoes
* Eggs
* Veggie Bacon
* Veggie Sausages
* Fried Bread
N.b. Vegetarians - Please let us know ASAP if you want Veggie Bacon and Sausages so that pub can order supplies, add this into your "I have paid" email.

There is plenty of free all-day parking around both sides of Shamley Green.

Feel free to join us for Coffee and Duffnuts in Peaslake and /or Brunch in Cranleigh

About the PUB…
We have the whole pub and garden to ourselves until noon. It is a dog-friendly pub.

About MUSIC…
Peter welcomes live music, either in the back room or in the garden, it is up to us. So if any musicians want to make merry then feel free.

This was one of the highlights last year because the carnival passes the pub twice and we ended up partying on the roadside with them with SH3 musicians joining in! Great fun!!
CRANLEIGH CARNIVAL THEME THIS YEAR is 'WESTERN' if you want to join in the fun.

About HOMEWARD BOUND - travel back to your car at Shamley Green.
There’s a regular bus service from outside Three Horseshoes Pub/Cranleigh Village Hospital to Shamley Green with 3 services per hour - about a 12 minute ride.

Payment details, repeated below, but here in case you need them.
£10 per head for Brunches:
Surrey Hash House Harriers
Sort Code: 60-06-19
Account Number: 62533894

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On Inn - Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh
Non-walkers join us here!
Arriving in Peaslake for Coffee and Duffnuts
View from Shamley Green towards Blackdown Hill in West Sussex
Viewpoint Pitch Hill
SH3 Dawn Patrol - 26 walkers
Peaslake Village Stores for Coffee and Duffnuts
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Teq - whisky testing en-route
SH3 Band #1
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SH3 Band #2
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Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
Cranleigh Carnival
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