GGC 2021 Exhibitors Application
This application is the first step to exhibit your game at the GGC 2021 show floor, and to get feedback from the jury.

This information is shared with the jurors, who knows nothing about you or your project, so make sure your texts are accurate, up-to-date and effective. You can update this information at any time by resubmitting the form, and sending an email to Ulf Benjaminsson so he can remove your old submission.

In addition to this application your teams will also have to deliver assets. All deadlines and delivery information are available here:

Make sure to create a nice listing for your game on, and submit it to the GGC 2021 Show Case:

This is to ensure games are easy to find, even for those who can't attend on Gather Town.

Questions about this form goes to Ulf Benjaminsson:
Game Title *
World in Conflict / Finding Nemo
E-mail *
E-mail to the team contact person.
Cell phone *
Cell phone to the team contact person.
Year of education *
If multiple, select what the majority reads and leave a comment in the last field.
Type of project *
Pick one. 1st years are "arcade-games", whether 2D or 3D. This is used to publish your project in the correct category on our web archive;
Project website *
Preferably your game's page (remember to join the show case: ), but you can add as many links as you want in addition to that. Devblog, webpage, social media - we'll link to these sites from the department website.
Embed link (direct link to your browser-friendly game executable). Without this your game will not be available on the show floor, we will instead link to your project website (above) so players can download the file.
Captionless Image
Game description *
This text will be used on the GAME-web: Don't forget to mention what platform you're targeting and what tools you've used!
Core concept / elevator pitch (max 175 characters!) *
This shows up on social media when we link to your game page. Tell the readers what's exciting about your game, make them want to know more.
Credits (names and roles of entire team) *
Peter Molyneux - Producer, John Carmack - Scripting, Jade Raymond - 3D Art
Additional project information, web sites, etc.
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