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The Covenant and Code of Ethics
The Ministers Council ABC-USA continues to strive to inspire ministerial excellence for the glory of Jesus Christ. One way we do that is the articulation of commonly held ethical principles in our Covenant and Codes of Ethics, which was first drafted in 1938. This document has seen very few changes over the years.

In 2018, your national representatives agreed to prioritize a review which might update the document as needed, mindful that ministers today face circumstances not previously encountered. An appointed sub-committee took the Leadership Team's Winter 2018 recommendations and brought three proposed changes to the 2019 Annual Meeting in June. These changes are described below. We voted to send the process back to committee in order to develop a clear process of input on possible changes. Since that meeting we agreed to use this survey tool as one step in gaining broad feedback.

We would like to know your reaction to each of the three proposed changes, plus any additional suggestions of additional areas not covered by the Code. Each is listed below, followed by survey options "Yay", "Nay' or "I have something even better." There's also an open-ended question and a couple regarding use of the document.

Responses will be collected via Google Docs for our national office and shared with the sub-committee, on which Revs. Steve Neal and Jerry Bertelson now serve. For more information, contact
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