Pupil Survey: For children accessing school. How I feel about lock-down and being back at school...
Hi Team Arbourthorne
We have really enjoyed having you in school. Some of you have been here because your parents are key workers and some of you joined us more recently. We want to know how you feel about being back at school and how you've found the learning during lock-down. We will use this information to help us plan how we can best support you. We will ask about your feelings and we will ask about your learning. Be as honest as you can and add comments to back up how you are feeling. The good news is that everyone returning their form has the chance of WINNING a £50 Argos voucher so make sure you complete this with your name by Thursday 16th July. Your parent/ carer can help if you can't complete this yourself!
We look forward to reading your comments.
Ms Langley and Mrs Pediani
Name: *
Year Group *
How are you feeling today? *
Very sad
Very happy
How have you been feeling over the last few weeks? *
Very worried
Not worried at all
Have you been worried about COVID19? *
What worried you most?
Are you still worried about COVID19? *
How do you feel when you are at school? *
Very worried
Not worried at all
Think about your answer to the question above. Tell us a bit about why you feel like this and how we might be able to help you.
What are the best things about being back at school? (Tick as many as you like) *
How much learning did you completed at home? *
The same as I do when I'm at school
Thinking about all the learning you have completed, how challenging have you found this? *
Very Hard
In which way did you complete learning? *
For what reasons did you not use Google Classroom?
What did you enjoy about being at home in lockdown? *
Which subjects have you enjoyed completing during home learning? *
Tell us about the learning you have enjoyed the most and why. *
Have you learnt or practised any new skills during lockdown? *
Which Core Value have you shown most during lockdown? *
Tell us how you showed this Core Value
How did you feel when you first returned to school? *
Very worried
No worries at all
What is it like to be in a bubble at school? *
How did you feel after being in school for a week or more? *
Very worried
No worries at all
Is there anything we could do to help you feel safer in school? *
If yes, please tell us
What would you say to someone in our school, who is still at home, to help them feel better about coming back to school? *
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