2017 Summer Conversation Partners
Hello! Thank you for your interest in the summer Conversation Partners with ASP. Please read the following carefully before applying.

The summer Conversation Partners differs from the normal academic school year. This is NOT a program for the campus, but a small group of incoming freshman in need of partners. These students are required to meet with an English-speaker as part of their grade.

1. You. You are the English-speaker, whether you are an American or international student, you are the English-speaker. International students are welcome to apply as English speakers, but will not be paired with Americans. We value our international English-speakers and they have been very helpful in the past. ASP students enjoy learning about America and their home-countries at the same time.
2. Multiple students. You may see a different student every week. Each student signs up for the times that are best for them. We hold both one-on-one sessions and discussion circles.
3. Time. During the school year, we generally assign one hour and one student. In the summer we will allow you to participate as many days as you like.
4. Student fluency. These students are here to work on their English before school begins. They still struggle, and have many questions.
5. Location. Always on campus. Usually in FA or the resident hall we are assigned. This year it is Mohawk.
6. Age. In the summer session, it is not unusual for students to be 16-17. In part, this is why the summer rules for meeting are a little more strict than during the school year.

After student schedule planning is complete, I will be emailing everyone with the schedule, and you will be allowed to sign up for days and time slots. After that, it goes straight to the students for their sign up. If a student does not sign up for your slot, you are always welcome to stop by the location and see if anyone needed a change, but you are free for that day.

To learn more about the Academic Success Program, go here: http://www.binghamton.edu/esl/asp.html

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