St. Albans Pledge Form for 2021
Once a year, we ask members of the St Albans community to prayerfully consider how they might support our mission and ministry over the coming year. We ask that they consider making a pledge of a financial contribution, as well as indicating some other ways they might help our community thrive.

What is a "pledge"? It is a promise you make to yourself. We understand that the future is unpredictable, especially in these unusual times. The amount you contribute financially can be adjusted at any time, on your instruction.

The information you provide on this pledge form will be kept confidential.
Clear selection
Clear selection
Postal Code
E-Mail Address
Telephone Number
What is an appropriate amount to give?
This is up to you. To assist you, a chart can be found on the last page of the letter to help you determine an appropriate donation, taking into account your financial circumstances.
What if I have limited income?
Every donation is valued, including the commitment to volunteer your time by helping out in some aspect of parish ministry.
What if my circumstances change?
It’s up to you. Your donation can be altered up or down at any time. If you are enrolled in Pre-Authorized Remittances (PAR), simply speak to the Rector, the Parish Administrator (Annie MacTavish) or to the Donations Secretary (Brian Herron).
A *Gift of Treasure* by giving (check all that apply)
If you checked "Financially supporting the parish programs", please specify in the space below the "$_____ (amount) per ____ (week or month) for an annual offering of $______"
A *Gift of Time* through the regular participation in (check all that apply)
A *Gift of Talent* to (check all that apply)
Do you need more information?
Feel free to contact any member of our St. Albans Stewardship Group: Ron Chaplin <>, Rev. Mark
Whittall <>, Paula MacPherson <>, Michelle Sorenson <>
Please complete this pledge form and return by Nov 22, 2020, using the SUBMIT button. Thank you!
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