CONjuration 2019 Returning Volunteer Form
Looks like you've stumbled your way back into our clutches.... I mean... Welcome back now, y'all!

Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication you've put into our con! You're an amazing asset (and no, we're not just saying that, we really do like you!) to our team, and we're so happy you thought well enough of us to come back for another round! We've tried to streamline the process of filling out forms so y'all don't have to muck around quite so much with it, but if you have suggestions, please feel free to send Inara a message.

In the meantime, please do read through the information below to refresh your memory on our departments and duties. There will probably be a quiz on site or something.


We do request all volunteers be friendly, helpful, reliable, and ready to work to make CONjuration a wonderful experience for everyone. Contribute only 12 hours of time during the convention to receive a complimentary 3-day badge.

Persons who are under the age of 18 on the first day of the convention are not eligible to participate as a volunteer unless their parent/guardian is also volunteering alongside them. Please email Inara for details at


Below is a description of each department, and how many people each requires. We have had an overwhelming show of interest in volunteering for our humble con, and we sincerely appreciate every one of you!

While we will do our absolute best to place as many of you as we can, we may not be able to place all of you this time around. Inara will do her best to let you know as soon as humanly possible if that is the case.

Remember, we do ask you give us 12 hours of your weekend in exchange for your badge, so please pick a department in which you won't notice the time flying right on by!


Departments and needs:

Gaming: We run our Game Room 24/7, and do our best to make sure our attendees have a good time learning and playing games. We teach and GM games and tournaments at both scheduled times and on the fly, so we require folks that know games, and can teach them to any and all ages.

Vendors: We do our best to ensure our vendors are happy and comfortable. We need folks who are good people-persons and can handle duties without supervision (once, of course, you know the ropes!).

Panel Monitors: This year, we're doing Panel Monitoring a bit differently! We've decided it's much easier (and more fun) to assign each of you to a room, where you'll spend your shift making sure the panel runs smoothly, the panelists have everything (technology included) that they need, and that the room is reset properly at the end of each panel. On top of that, of course, you'll be filling out the Panel Monitoring Form (handily labeled and partially pre-filled) with notes on how the panel went, crowd attendance and response, and other such interesting facts we need to make each and every CONjuration better!

Disability Services: We work to make sure our con is as accessible as possible! You'll be checking rooms during resets, manning our table, or any number of helpful things!

Charity Services: We spend the con focusing on collection of charity goods and funds to send off to our official Con Charities. This past year we helped both the Georgia Reptile Society and the InTown Food Pantry, raising funds through our House Cup and St. Mungo's Food Drive.

Operations: We work behind the scenes to ensure our con runs smoothly, and coordinate with the hotel on multiple fronts.

CONjuration Store : We run the General Store for CONjuration, selling those nice t-shirts and badges for next year's convention (as well as a host of other cool stuff!). We require previous cashiering service, and a short interview to ensure you can capably handle money.

Guardians: We protect the convention and its attendees, and ensure folks don't go where they're not supposed to.

Information Services: We sit and we know things! When our attendees need to know of scheduling changes, or when they have general questions about the con, we answer them. We usually run two to a shift, so you'll have someone to talk to when everyone's in a Sorting Event (or something).

Technical Operations: Without us, you'd be "screaming in the dark," as our Director likes to say. Lights, sound, and video fall under our purview. We're here from load-in Thursday morning until load-out Sunday night, and make the con look and sound its best!

Photography: We're a nerdy group of photographers who just so happen to be in the right place at the right time! Requires prior photography experience (preferably at conventions) and access to your own camera.

Guest Services: We work closely with the Guests of the convention, making sure to check them in properly, get them to their panels on time, and anything else that makes their time with us simple and fun. We may require you to pick up or take someone to the airport, so a driver's license and clean record is a plus!

Registration: We are the first people attendees interact with, so a smiling face is a major plus! We require previous cashiering service.

Crafts and Creations: Here's where the magic *really* happens! We run the Creations room for the magical folks who visit our con, and our job is to make sure they, well, make things! We guide our attendees in the crafting of various magical and mysterious objects (wands, yarn-craft, and costume pieces, to name a few).

Loading and Special Events Crew: We work mostly during load-in (Thursday nights) and load out (Sunday nights) to help pack in and pack out the con. To make sure we get in all our hours, we also help set up and take down the Burlesque Show and Yule Ball (Friday and Saturday evening/night), as well as run other special events throughout the con. We do require your availability during these odd hours, but the rest of the con is yours to enjoy!

Hospitality: We make our guests happy - by filling their bellies! We're a food service crew, so hospitality experience is a must. We cook, clean, and serve food throughout the con in the Green Room, so the ability to work while in the presence of famous people (i.e. customer service skills) is also a requirement.

Inara's Helpers: Y'all are our trusted floater crew, and work closely with our Volunteer Director to fill in gaps and notice problems before they start.

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