Ascension VBS-DayCamp Registration 2017
Please fill out this form completely and then mail your total registration fee to Ascension Lutheran Church, 2901 Libal Street, Green Bay, WI 54301.

$30 per Jr. VBS child (3-yr-old through entering 1st grade in the fall)
$40 per DayCamper (entering 2nd-7th grade in the fall)
$30 per Jr. VBS Plus child (1st grade or younger child with older sibling in the Crossways program)
MAX PER FAMILY: $90 for all
***Scholarships available - talk to Cindy!

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If this child is going into 1st grade or younger AND has siblings in the Crossways full-day program, would you like for this child to stay for the afternoons? *
NOTE: if you choose YES to say you want this child to stay into the afternoon with his/her older Crossways sibling, this will increase your cost for this child to $40 for the week (same price as a Crossways camper)
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