Canterbury Merchant Application
Thank you For you Application to the Canterbury Renaissance faire. Please remember that our biggest goal is to give the best possible immersive experience to our Patrons and we request that you do you best to make your booth and personal garb appear appropriate to a setting of Renaissance England (1550-1600).

Applications are Due June 1, 2019. Late Applications will be charged an additional 20% of Booth fee.

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Cell Phone Number (if different)
What is your primary product? *
Secondary Product
What percentage of your product is Handmade? *
Please Include a Picture of your booth and products. Pictures may be used for promotional purposes *
How Large is your booth, INCLUDING space for tie down ropes and stakes if needed. Applications received after June 1 2019 will be billed an additional 20% of booth fee. Please select ONLY one.
July 20 and 21, 2019
July 27 and 28, 2019
Both Weekends
Roving $60 Per Weekend
10x10 $115 Per Weekend
12x12 $125 Per weekend
14x14 $140 Per Weekend
15x15 $155 Per Weekend
18x18 $185 Per Weekend
20x10 $200 Per Weekend
20x20 $235 Per Weekend
25x25 $315 Per Weekend
30x30 $385 Per Weekend
Custom Size Please Contact us for Pricing
Payment Options: We are accepting payment via Check or Paypal with a $5 fee. Payment information will be provided on the acceptance of your application.
Will you be Camping in your booth? *
We have some spaces where we can allow a small back yard, these are limited and are for Camping or Storage. Assume this space will be visible to the public and must be theme appropriate, or packed away, during times the Faire is open to the public. *
Would you like to be in More Sun, or More shade? Please bear in mind we may not be able to grant requests based on limited spaces. *
More Shade
More Sun
Will your product melt or be damaged by being in the sun? *
Do you have mobility or heath issues we should be aware of for booth placement? *
Do you have any allergies to what other vendors might be selling?(e.g. soaps, essential oils) *
Please review the State Fire Marshall Guidelines,

The Undersigned hereby agree to hold harmless Canterbury Renaissance Faire and Whitewind Productions LLC, Whitewind Woodland LLC and any staff there of of any person involved with the Canterbury Renaissance Faire Held in July of 2019 for any and all damaged to persons and property resulting from acts of God, theft, vandals or For injury or medical emergency. Further the above person, groups and organizations shall be held harmless for any cause of action, claim, petition filed in any court, or administrative tribunal arising out of said event, including all costs, attorney's fees, judgments or awards

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