GWHCC Small Business Technical Assistance Program (SBTAP) – Business Owner/Client Application
Thank you for your interest in receiving Small Business Technical Assistance (SBTA) from the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation (GWHCCF). Our mission is to offer and provide technical assistance to low/medium income, businesses in the *District of Columbia.

The GWHCCF has been helping Hispanic and other minority entrepreneurs open successful businesses through the Department of Housing and Community Development’s initiative to elevate and grow the Districts neglected corridors.

The Foundation seeks to strengthen economic opportunities for small business owners by identifying passionate, honest and driven individuals with creative minds for business by offering them a wide range of expertise in the following areas; initial phase of business planning, one-on-one business technical assistance, tax preparation, accounting, human resources, human rights in the works place, marketing, management, finance and much more!

In pursuit of this mission, the GWHCCF is offering workshops with a certification of completion at the end of each logical series, including business-networking events, and matchmaking with consultants and other businesses for both established businesses and start-ups.
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To participate in the SBTA Program your business will either be registered in the District of Columbia, or your are going to register in the District of Columbia.
If your business is registered in the District of Columbia, please provide your EIN & Duns number (if you do not have a duns number, please explain why)
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How many years of experience do you have as a business owner? (¿Cuantos años de experiencia tiene como propietario de la empresa?) *
Are you willing to commit to the SBTA Program once Assessment has been made by consultant? *
Are you willing to commit to a minimum of 4 hours a month should you be matched with a consultant? *
Each meeting will be no less than 2 hours nor greater than 4 hours.
What is your preferred method of communication? (¿Qué método de comunicación prefiere?) *
We strongly encourage clients to meet with consultants in-person, but understand technology today is very efficient. You will need to commit to the tracking of time and scope of work provided during the meeting. We will require and signing off on the assistance rendered.
Briefly explain how would you benefit from the Small Business Technical Assistance Program? (¿Brevemente explique cómo usted beneficiaria del Programa de Asistencia Técnica para pequeños negocios?) *
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Identify key areas where you want to receive technical assistance for your company (Identifique las áreas en las que desea recibir Asistencia Técnica para su empresa): *
If you selected, 'other', please explain or type, "N/A". *
If you selected, 'other' in the previous question please take the time to explain what you believe your needs are. This will assist us in matching you with the best suited consultant based on your needs.
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