Pledge to Buy Local: Shift 10% of your holiday spending to Local Businesses
The sense of place that we have in the Lowcountry – all that makes this place unique – is largely thanks to our retail businesses. Local shops, both service-and product-based, are what build our culture. It’s the places where you can fix a shoe, find the perfect dress, buy a coffee or a new book, and connect with neighbors.

Three times more of your dollar stays in this community when spent at a local business as compared to when spent at a national chain store. Those extra dollars recirculate among other local businesses, and help create a strong tax base for our local economy - paving our roads, improving our schools, paying our firemen and police forces, and so much more.

By digitally signing below, YOU PLEDGE to shift at least 10% of your holiday spending with local retailers, service providers and food & beverage providers, in order to strengthen our local economy and protect a unique sense of place. YOU PLEDGE to love the Lowcountry and vote with your dollars for the kind of place you wish to live in.

Keep an eye out for an email as we approach Nov 15 that will provide fun resources to help you make the most of your Buy Local Shift.

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