UCR Return-To-Work Proposal Form (old "Research Ramp-up" form is no longer used)
In accordance with new campus guidelines, we have transitioned to a new return-to-work protocol based on a UCR-wide template.

The old "Research Ramp-up Form" is no longer in effect. Please do not use the old format for your proposal. Instead, use the following form:

(1) For a new return-to-work proposal, download, complete, sign, and submit the entire form, as directed below.

(2) If you are merely adding a non-UG researcher to an already approved "return-to-work" proposal
(a) please have the researcher fill out the "Employee Acknowledgement" section and submit that.
(b) If the researcher being added is in the CSE department, please also email systems@cs.ucr.edu.
(c) Otherwise, please directly add them at https://systems.engr.ucr.edu/profile/groupaccess

If you need short, one-time access to a BCOE room or facility, please use https://forms.gle/bygYafQX2uFJ2eby7
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