First Generation Faculty & Staff Initiative
Georgetown University is forming the First Generation Faculty & Staff Initiative — a network comprised of faculty and staff who self-identify as first generation college graduates or are allies of first-generation college students. We define “first generation” to mean “the first in their family to attend and graduate from a traditional four-year college.” Currently, Georgetown lacks a comprehensive database of first-generation faculty and staff.

In fact, we welcome all members of the community to be allies for our students, and invite you (regardless if you self-identify as first generation or not) to join this initiative as well. We hope members of this initiative will share their personal stories and support students who also self-identify as first generation -- with the ultimate goal of validating the experiences of this unique and important population of Hoyas.

This initiative is important — it sends a direct message to students that faculty and staff are approachable and can relate to their experiences, despite their impressive titles, degrees and accomplishments. We do not assume an intensive time commitment from faculty and staff participants; rather, the initiative should act as a catalyst for awareness, self-identification, allyship, and accessibility.

For questions about this initiative or to get involved, please email

The initiative was inspired by Dr. Anita Casavantes Bradford, founder of the First Generation Faculty Initiative at the University of California, Irvine. Read more about her experiences as a first generation student and professor, and our inspiration for this initiative, here:
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Our First Generation Initiative
Would you be willing to add your name to a faculty/staff listserv to receive updates and information on ways to get involved, or be visible to first generation and/or low-income students?
We will not share your information without your consent, and we will reach out to confirm prior to connecting you with a student.
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Would you be willing to share your name and department with first-generation students interested in talking about your personal/professional career trajectory?
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Would you be willing to place a decal in your space indicating that you are a first generation faculty/staff member or ally?
We encourage faculty and staff to demonstrate their connection to, or concern for, first generation experiences (e.g. inclusion in syllabi).
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Are you interested in mentoring students from the Georgetown Scholarship Program?
The Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP) helps Georgetown students and provides them with a dedicated support system throughout their college experience. These students are often the first their families to attend college.
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Are there other ways that you would be willing to support first generation students?
We recognize the many demands on your time, but if you would like to get more involved beyond what's listed above, we welcome any ideas or suggestions (e.g. extended office hours, lunches, informational coffee sessions, connecting students with professional development resources/opportunities).
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