Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form
This pre-registration form begins the process for registering your student for kindergarten at MSD of Steuben County Schools! Please note that you will still need to provide physical copies of your child's birth certificate, proof of residency, etc. Additionally, out of district students will be required to complete the appropriate paperwork. In-person kindergarten testing will be arranged at a later date.
Student First Name (as shown on birth certificate) *
Student Middle Name (as shown on birth certificate) *
Student Last Name (as shown on birth certificate) *
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Federal Ethnicity *
Home Phone Number (with area code) *
Home Address *
Mailing Address (if different from Home Address)
School District of Legal Residence *
Father's Name (First Last) *
Father's Daytime Phone Number *
Father's Employer *
Father's Home Phone Number *
Mother's Name (First Last) *
Mother's Daytime Phone number *
Mother's Employer *
Mother's Home Phone Number *
Second Parent Address (if applicable)
Guardian's Name (if other than mother or father)
Guardianship: Student Lives With *
Does Student live with Parent(s)/Guardian? *
Guardian email (main email for contact) *
County of Legal Residence *
Is your student of non-US origin? *
If non-US origin, what is the country of origin?
Does your student receive speech or special education services? *
Student's Native Language (if other than English). If English, please skip this question!
Names of siblings in the district (First Name, Last Name, School)
Does your student have siblings at one of our elementary buildings? Please note that your student will attend the same elementary school as sibling(s) unless special education services are required that the sibling's school is unable to provide. Students without siblings will be placed at a building based upon class size. *
If yes, which building does the sibling(s) attend?
Clear selection
Please give your first choice for elementary school building. *
Please give your second choice for elementary school building. *
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