ISANJA BOARD GAME - Words Survey (Movies / Drama / TV Shows / Series )
Isanja Board Game is conducting a Word Survey for Isanja Words.
This Survey form is related to Movies / Drama / TV Shows / Series only. For other Categories, go to
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1. Name one Nigerian Movie, TV Show, Drama or Series
2. Name of Popular Nigerian Actor or Actress
3. Name one not too popular Nigeria Actor or Actress
4. Name One Recent Nigerian Movie, drama, TV Show or series
5. Name One Nigeria Movie, Drama or TV show or series from the 80’s or 90’s or earlier.
6. Name one Nigerian Movie character (e.g. name from a movie like AKI and PAWPAW)
7. Name one Nigerian Short series
8. Name one Nigerian Movie Producer
9. Name one Comedian (Male or Female)
10. Name one Nigerian Program for children
11. Name one Nigerian Child Actor
12. Name one Nigerian Musical program shown on TV
13. Name one Yoruba Movie Actress or Actor
14. Name one Movie Actor or Actress from Northern Nigeria
15. Name one movie about Nigerian History, place or activities
16. Name the Most beautiful Nigerian Actress you know
17. Name one Nigerian TV presenter
18. Name one Nigerian movie Director
19. Name one Yoruba Movie
20. Add One WORD that relates to Nigerian Movies, drama, TV Show or Series.
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