Letter of Recommendation Request Form
- Please allow 2-4 weeks for your letter to be written.
- Do not ask for a letter of recommendation unless you actually need one. Check with the schools to which you are applying.
- Do not ask multiple teachers for the same letter!
- Once your letter is written, I will let you know through email.
- It is expected that you will use the online versions of the applications for me to submit your letter.

Should you experience any problems using this form or notice any errors, please email me.
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When I fill out an evaluation, I usually have to fill out a series of questions like the ones below. Please rate yourself in the following categories. I will make my own assessment of you, but I am curious to see how you would rate yourself. You should compare yourself to other Neuqua Valley students here and you may want to use your class rank as a guide. *
Below Average
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Academic Achievement
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Quality of Writing
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Productive class discussion
Respect accorded by faculty
Disciplined work habits
Reaction to setbacks
Concern for others
Initiative, independence
For all of the science courses that you have taken or are currently taking, list the course, teacher and the grade you received. For the courses that you are currently taking, list your probable grade. *
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What colleges are you trying to get into? Why are you applying to these schools? *
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What was the biggest challenge you had in taking physics this year and how did you deal with that challenge? *
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What qualities or strengths as a person as well as a student do you see yourself as having demonstrated throughout the year in our classroom? *
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How did this class help you grow as a student? *
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What was your greatest success in this class, this does not need to be a test score, it can relate to a skill learned or a relationship formed, etc? *
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Please list any extracurricular activities or sports in which you have participated. Include the years that you participated and highlight any special accomplishments in these activities. *
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Please list any community service or volunteering in which you have participated. Include how you helped and the length of time that you volunteered. Also, please describe why you volunteered in this capacity and how this experience impacted you. *
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Please list any work experience that you have had, including your responsibilities, approximate number of hours per week that you work, and length of time that you were employed for each job. You may also want to include the reason that you sought this particular employment. *
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Tell me a little about your plans, at this point, for college and beyond. *
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