Ravenwood Mentor-In-Training Application
We are happy you want to serve as a Mentor-in-Training with Ravenwood! In the section below, please communicate to us about yourself and why you are interested in nature connection mentoring. Please answer these questions, but also feel free to send us further information, in the form of writing, a drawing, poem, or song that may help us better understand your connection with nature and being a leader.
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Which Ravenwood season or program(s) are you interested in helping out with? *
1) Please tell us about a special time or place that helped you develop a strong bond with nature. *
2) You are planning to lead and mentor others. Who has mentored you? Please tell us about a special mentor in your life. What has been most significant to you about this relationship? Why is this person a good mentor to you? *
3) What are your passions in life? What inspires and motivates you above all? *
4) What do you think are your greatest strengths and how might these help you, those you lead, and Ravenwood in your position as leader-in-training? *
5) What are some of your weaknesses that may challenge you as a leader? What is your usual response to personal challenges? *
6) Consider the questions you’ve just answered as a starting point (adding any additional thoughts that seems important to you) in writing a very short paragraph that explains why you would like to be a Ravenwood Mentor-in-Training, what might be the best and most challenging aspects of this experience, and how you would address any challenges. *
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