Apply to Beyond Beginning—An Advanced Writing Workshop
At Mine to Tell, we are preparing to lead an advanced writing workshop that takes you and your writing seriously.

The workshop will run for several weeks and we will personally workshop your writing (and other students' writing) in groups. In order to provide the hands-on, interactive experience we hope for, this class will be capped at 20 students max—thus the application.

Please answer the questions below to help us know the best time to hold this course and see if it's the right fit for you. We will respond to your application with more information by the end of May.

This course will be comparable to a 3-4 credit MFA-style workshop, which costs $1500 at the low end in any University. Our course will likely be around $575. We are looking for sponsors for scholarships, but we do want you to have a heads up about the potential price.

What's your name? *
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Why is writing important to you?
What is something you’re struggling with in your writing?
What is the biggest reason you'd want to join an advanced writing workshop with us?
Which genre do you regularly write in? (Please check all that apply.)
Which days and which times of day could you best meet? (Please check all that apply.)
Participation in real time is a vital part of this course. Are you willing to come to class every time we broadcast live, having read other people’s work and having read the articles that we’re discussing?
Which city do you live in? (We ask this to get a sense of your time zone.)
Please share a writing sample that's no more than 2 pages. (What have you written in the past that's along the lines of the work you want to do in this workshop? Help us see what kind of writing you want support with.)
Difficult feelings may come up in this workshop. While we take responsibility for creating a safe and supportive environment for this work, we are not therapists and cannot responsibly engage in therapeutic work. How equipped do you feel to take care of yourself and process any emotions that may come up during this workshop? (on a scale of 1 to 10)
What questions do you have about this workshop? Anything else you'd like to share that would help us know you'd be a good fit for this workshop?
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