2019-2020 Dream Big Form
For teachers and staff members that have an innovative educational initiative for students beyond their classroom walls we’re launching our Dream Big Grants. Dream Big Grants will be awarded for up to $10,000. To apply for a Dream Big Grant the innovative idea must impact as many students as possible and involve 2-5 teachers/staff members working together. To apply teacher(s)/staff member(s) please complete this short form by Monday, December 2. Applicants will also be required to present their idea to the Foundation Board of Directors at the March 2020 board meeting.
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What other teachers and/or staff members will be involved? (To be approved this will require 2-5 staff members to be involved)
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What is the time frame for this project? (Is this a one school year project or will it expand over multiple school-years?) *
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Amount Requested (maximum of $10,000). Please give us a brief overview of cost. A detailed list of expenditures will be required at your presentation. *
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