3.8.16 Vocab Test
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“Pablo, my love, I ____________ you. I wish we were together right now. You’ve been away at English Steps for 10 weeks now. When are you coming home?”
“If we tell mum that we broke her favorite coffee mug, she’ll go __________________! She’ll yell and scream and probably kill us! We can’t tell her!”
Lots of women say they want a boyfriend that is very ___________________. They want someone who likes to give hugs, kisses, and hold hands in public.
In some Middle Eastern countries, it’s illegal to show _______________________ to your partner in public. If you are seen kissing, hugging or holding hands with your partner, you can be sent to jail.
Some people don’t drink ________ water at home, even though it’s very cheap. Instead, they prefer to go out and buy bottled water.
Harry needs a new teacher for English Steps. He interviewed 3 people today, but he doesn’t know which one he will ________________.
I was _______________ from my job because I arrived late to work every day, never did my work and stole money from my company.
Tiffany and Rebecca both cook lunch _______________________. This week, Tiffany will cook on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and Rebecca will cook on Tuesday/Thursday.
“Wow, this rubbish bin really smells bad! It’s making the whole house smell! We need to get__________________it. Put it outside please!”
“I haven’t seen Harry all day. He’s been in his room because he’s feeling sick. I_______________ he’s sleeping, but I’m not sure. “
“Can you _____________ a good restaurant? My parents are coming for a visit and I want to take them out for a nice dinner.“
Most people have a _____________ of spiders, but not me. I love them!
I love horror movies because they make me feel so _______________ ! I also like to watch comedies because they made me feel happy!
“I want to buy this car, but the price is $9500. That’s too expensive for me. Are you_________________ give me a cheaper price?”
The price for a hotel on the beach during summertime is very expensive. It is better to wait for_________________ season, when the prices are lower.
In the morning, I am tired and unable to think clearly until I drink coffee. After 1 or 2 cups, my brain is at _______________ performance and I am able to do all of my work.
The police believe that _______________ were responsible for setting the house on fire. They probably used gasoline, matches and lighters to start the fire.
Rebecca and Tiffany are ___________________ with Harry to write a new book called “Advanced English Grammar Made Easy.” They will all work together to write the lessons in the book.
The police were not able to ____________________ all of the evidence, so the killer did not go to jail.
Natalia killed her best friend. The police will _________________ her with murder.
The glass cup fell off the table and didn’t break, but I did see a small _______________ on the top.
The funeral was yesterday. Jack chose a brown, wooden _______________ for his father to be buried in.
When our dog died, we dug a small _______________ in the backyard and buried him there.Every week I put fresh flowers on top and tell him that I love him.
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