Dunesville Flow Troupe Application 2021
Please fill out the following form to be considered as a performer for the 2021 Dunesville Music Festival.

By filling out this form you agree to the terms that upon acceptance and approval you will receive a weekend artist pass and a plus one for in turn performing and/or teaching a workshop at delegated times and locations.

You also acknowledge and accept that we will use materials and information provided by you in marketing and promotions. We also request that as a performer or teacher that you will promote your performance and/or classes at Dunesville.

Upon acceptance an email will be received with more information.
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Do you spin any fire props? *
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How long have you been practicing your skills? *
Please include all arts selected above and their fire equivalent if applicable
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Would you be interested in being a ring leader?
Responsibilities include co leading fire circles and assisting in setup of performance areas
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