Visual Art & Installation Application
We are in constant pursuit for new artists and projects to enrich Mo:Dem's visual experience. Same as every year we are searching for interactive installations, static installations, sculptures, light installations, visual artists, any kind of artwork in small(er) format (as no big surfaces are available on location), any type of digital art, or any other project that will boost Mo:Dem experience with that well known WOW effect.

We are very keen to see kinetic art, interactive installations and light installations.

Please fill in the application form only if you speak fluent English and have previous experience and documentation about it. Application filled in with any other language but English or without subjected photo, video or a short presentation will be automatically rejected.

Notice that more details you add to your project presentation the more possibility you have to be selected.

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If you already have an installation you would like to build at Mo:Dem Festival 2018, please send us as much information as possible (sketches, 3d model, sizes, material required).
What are the average sizes of your installation and how long it takes you to build it?
How do you usually work?
If you will to work with a team, how many people do you require?
What are the main tools you work with?
What are the main materials you work with?
If available please send us your CV.
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