2020 Holiday Market Application November 21, 11AM-3PM
This year's market will have to be different based on current guidelines. Most vendors will be located outside. We will not have a large tent, and you will be required to provide your own tent. Your tent may have sides. We have changed the time of the event so that we will be at the warmest part of the day. ** Please note: Do not send payment until your application has been approved. Submitting an application does not guarantee you a spot in the market. The market committee will contact you once your paperwork has been approved. The committee will make an effort to take preference to returning vendors, but no guarantees will be made. In addition to the following information, please email these documents as appropriate to BozrahCTFarmersMarket@gmail.com:• Proof of Liability Insurance – ALL VENDORS MUST HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE including guest vendors, copies of all licenses and certificated related to the products or services offered at the Market.
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I attest to the truth and accuracy of the information provided in this application, I have read the 2020 Bozrah Farmers Market Regulations and understand that the committee may terminate this Agreement at any time by providing 7 days written notice should I not be a good representative of the Bozrah Farmers Market as determined by the sole discretion of the Committee. I agree to abide by this and I understand that all foods and goods must be grown and produced in Connecticut. By typing my name on this form I agree that it is as good as a signature. *
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