Registration Pilgrimage India and Myanmar 2019

Eligibility Criteria:

As the Vipassana meditation taught by S. N. Goenka in the U Ba Khin tradition plays an integral role in this pilgrimage, the minimum requirements of acceptance are:

1. Has completed (not including services) at least three 10-day Vipassana courses
2. Does not practice any other techniques of meditation since the last course of 10 days
3. Practitioner of this Vipassana technique for at least one year
4. Trying to keep firm in the practice of meditation (2hr / day) and the five precepts in your daily life
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The estimated cost of the India-Myanmar Pilgrimage is 1290 US$. A Support & Membership (S&M) rate of one hundred and ninety dollars (190US$) plus one thousand one hundred dolars (1100US$) will be charged to cover the Collective Dana, Guide, Transport and the Hosting (half-board).  Airfares, visas and insurance are on account of each pilgrim as well as his/her Personal Dana. Any doubts or clarification leave in the space below *
Indicate the conditions to pay for the pilgrimage. The price in Reais may vary with the quote. It is considered to do a contribution to fund volunteers and / or another student who can not afford the full amount. And if there is no condition to pay everything, how much could you pay?
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