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Requirements - senior
- your personal commitment to following Christ and agreement with statement of faith and code of conduct
- ability to lead in prayer and cabin devotions
- attendance for the ENTIRE WEEKEND
- Barnabas leadership training or equivalent
- police check if 18 or over

Requirements - junior
- your personal commitment to following Christ and agreement with statement of faith and code of conduct
- attendance for the ENTIRE WEEKEND
- Barnabas leadership training or equivalent
- police check if 18 or over


- cooperation with leadership, campers and other volunteers
- it is expected that anyone helping at camp in a support role, who does not fully share all our stated beliefs, will show respect for them in their actions and speech, have a good reputation in the community, and adhere to the first three articles of our code of conduct.

Police Checks
- copies of police checks done for other organizations are acceptable, but must be within the past 5 years.
- police checks are also required for support staff, 18 yrs and older, staying at camp overnight
Camp Weekends You Are Available
Senior Cabin Leader
Junior Cabin Leader
Grounds, Program
First Aid/Meds
Canoe Trip Extra Helper (just part of the day)
Grade 1-3 July 13-14
Grade 7-12 July 19-21
Grade 5-7 July 26-28
Grade 3-5 Aug 9-11
Special Friends 17-18
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Release, Experience, References
Release - I agree to release The Barnabas Corporation and its volunteers from any obligation, financial or otherwise, due to accidental loss or injury suffered by my child or ward, or myself (if over 18), while attending Barnabas Christian Camp, including camp activities and travel away from camp. *
Past experience at Barnabas? (if any) *
References - name, phone number and email. Please provide at least 2 references. *
Statement of Faith
- At Barnabas we share a love for having fun, with the kids and each other as leaders and helpers. But more important is that we share a common love for God.
- The love we have for Him because He first died for us and revealed Himself to us in the person of Jesus.
- Though we are limited in our understanding, God has made clear the essential truth we need to know and accept in order to be part of His kingdom.
- It is essential for all of us in leadership at Barnabas to agree on those central beliefs in order to be of like mind in making the most of the opportunity He has given us.

We Believe In
- Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three persons of God, who eternally exist in unity as God
- God the Father, eternal, holy, merciful and just, the creator of all things.
- God the Son, Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the Father, who became man, born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for the remission of sins, rose again the third day, ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for believers, is the only mediator between God and mankind (1 Tim. 2:5), and who is coming again to receive His own and to judge the world.
- One universal church, its members, by faith, the children of God, whose purpose is to glorify God through the practice of pure life in obedience to His will, whose responsibility is to love all people, help those in need and proclaim the gospel of Christ to all people through word and deed.
- The Holy Scriptures of the old and new testaments, inspired by God, profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness (1 Tim. 3:16) and the final authority in matters of faith and practice.
- We believe in the fall of mankind into sin through Adam and Eve, and the sinfulness of all individuals by will, resulting in eternal judgment and separation from God, but also that forgiveness of sin has been completely paid for by the death of Jesus Christ, and that redemption can be freely appropriated by all, through personal faith in Christ alone, on the basis of God's grace alone (Eph. 2:8-9), this faith being exhibited by confession and repentance of sin, resulting in spiritual rebirth into the family of God.
Statement of Faith affirmation *
Code of Conduct
- As important as agreeing on what we believe is agreeing on how we act out our beliefs in day to day life, not just at camp and church. Scriptures set out the highest standards for our behaviour. We are told to imitate God himself and not to be conformed by the standards and values of the world.


1. Our Outward Appearance should not draw undue attention to ourselves, our individuality or our sexuality. We are instructed to "avoid even the appearance of evil" - in other words, dress modestly and in a way that is honouring to God and considerate of others.
2. Our Conversation should be shaped by love for others. This means that we will be considerate, and speak for their benefit rather than to tear them down. It also means that we will avoid profane, vulgar and immoral speech.
3. Our Sexuality needs to be lived out as God intends and Jesus affirmed (Matthew 19; Mark 10): Sexual relations are for one man and one woman within, not outside or before, marriage.
4. Our Worship needs to be corporate as well as individual. As Christians we need to be active within a local body of believers (church), for the encouragement of others and to be encouraged and held accountable by others.
5. Our Reputations must honour Christ. We are His followers, representatives, and witnesses. We must speak and act in ways that will communicate the good news of Jesus to our neighbors and help attract them to Him personally.

The motivation to adhere to these basic behavioural guidelines should be our personal desire to follow Christ and to demonstrate our love for Him who said: "If you love me you will obey my commands." "Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself."
Code of Conduct affirmation *
Cabin Leader Questionnaire
The cabin leader questionnaire is for cabin leaders. If you are not coming to Barnabas as a cabin leader, feel free to write N/A for the following questions.
1. Have you begun to follow Jesus and are you depending on His Spirit to guide you? Explain. *
2. How are you learning the teachings of Jesus? *
3. Are you participating in Christian community where you are helped and where you help others? Where? *
4. Are you learning to be like Jesus in attitude, behaviour and character? Explain. *
5. Do you have any questions or uncertainties about our Statement of Faith or Code of Conduct?
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