IaDCTA Youth
Hello all! My name is Camryn Norton, and I am the new youth liaison officer for the IaDCTA. It is my job to connect wth Iowa's young dressage riders and see how they want their organization to grow. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. We want to hear from you!
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How long have you been a member of the IaDCTA?
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What level of dressage/CT do you currently compete at?
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How many times a year do you show your horse?
Do you participate in other riding disciplines outside of dressage/ CT?
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What 'youth friendly' changes should be made to improve the IaDCTA?
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What new youth activities would you like to see from the IaDCTA? (youth clinic, social gatherings, Instagram page, etc.)
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If you are able, please send a picture of you and your horse to crnorton21@gmail.com. It will be used to promote youth in the IaDCTA, or on the 'youth' page on the webpage. *
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