District 113 Education Foundation Grant Evaluation Form
As explained in the District 113 Grant Application, award recipients will be expected to:
• Complete the Grant Evaluation Form at the end of the grant period;
• Be prepared to provide a short, interim verbal project update upon request;
• Present information about project activities at one or more of the following events: District 113 Board of Education
meeting, Donor Showcase, or other Foundation events;
• Please include a few quotes from students sharing their experiences and/or reactions.
• Provide photographs and/or a short video summarizing the project.

The evaluation form is below and we thank you in advance for providing information about your project and how the grant enhanced your work with students. In addition, if you have photographs/video to share, we would appreciate you sharing those materials as well. You can send photos/videos to Judi Luepke (DHS) or Debby Finn (HPHS). The Grant Evaluation Form is to be completed within one month of the project’s completion or within 12 months of receipt of the grant funds.

NOTE: Failure to submit this evaluation may disqualify you from future grant funding.

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Project Title: *
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Grant recipients’ names, school group, or organization: *
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Amount of funding awarded: *
Amount of funding remaining: *(If grant funds are not used within 12 months from the date of the grant award, funds must be returned to the D113 Education Foundation. These funds will be used to support future grant projects). *
Number of students involved in or impacted by project: *
Please describe your project and how you did/did not achieve your intended goals. *
What aspects of the project were the most/least successful? Specifically identify any unexpected positive outcomes or obstacles encountered and how you overcame them. *
If you were to repeat or expand this project, what changes would you make? If this project is to continue, how will it be funded? *
How was this project publicized within the school(s) and local community? *
What can we do to improve the grant application process? *
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