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First Book is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides new, high quality books and educational resources to children in need. Aligned with our mission at Teach For America, First Book works to ensure all children have access to an equal education. You are encouraged to register (FREE) for First book at: www.firstbook.org/TFA_brave

Ram (pronounced alternatively Ram or Rahm, depending on his mood, but most traditionally as Rum with a trilled R) was born and raised in Davao City, Philippines, home to conceited but little-known fruits with names like balimbing, durian, mangosteen and lanzones. Moving to the US at 14, Ram has long been committed to the advancement of immigrants and believes the telling of diverse stories is crucial to that project. He is currently Director, Humanities in Teach For America, clarifying organizational point of view on excellence in secondary ELA, social studies and world languages, and building CM capacity to fulfill that charge. Working within an often oppressive set of contents, he is passionate about harnessing the power of Humanities teachers and instruction towards student voice, agency and liberation.

July 18th #BraveEducation Call | 8:00 p.m. EST, featuring Ram Anthonie Dolom (2012 Oklahoma Corps)
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