Submit your favorite short science articles! (April-June 2017)
Hi, everyone! We're compiling a list "Best Short Science Writing" as an online resource for science writers who are interested in writing news and front-of-book articles. Submissions can be articles that you've written yourself or simply pieces that you found online. (Spread the love for local outlets!)

The pieces should have publication dates in April, May, or June 2017 and somehow touch on science, health, environment, or technology. Newspaper stories, magazine articles, and blog posts are all eligible. (Preference will be given to journalistic outlets that pay their writers, but when in doubt, err on the side of submitting!)

If you have questions about the categories, check out our rubric document with details about what we look for in each category. (Rubric:

Final choices will be announced on the blog in mid-Julyl 2017 Please submit your favorite stories by July 4th.

Contact if you have comments or questions.

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Categories & Examples
[Stories covering new findings in succinct, focused, clear, cool prose]

*"Your Ear is a Tape Measure" (,

[Topical, informative, newspaper-style pieces that cover a trend or policy news.]

*"How drug ad narrators take the scariness out of side effects"(

[Probing, original, rigorous stories that affect many people. Bonus points for visuals]

*"Why You Should Check Your Sunscreen Label Right Now" (

[Insightful, humanizing narratives that focus on 1 study or 1 scientist]

*"Humans: The Hyperkeystone Species" (

[Pieces and blog posts with a strong opinion angle. Should be informed, possibly critical, possibly 1st person.]

* "She Wanted to Do Her Research. He Wanted to Talk ‘Feelings.’" (

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