2022 FHSI Applicant Team Survey
The Florida league prides itself on providing a great experience for players, coaches, fans, college recruiters, and professional scouts. In order to provide this first class experience we need to learn more about your team before granting approval to participate in our high school invitational tournament. This process helps us ensure a high level of competition on the field and helps us in promoting your team to pro scouts and college recruiters. Upon completion, we will review your team's information and respond shortly thereafter.
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What is the name of your high school? *
What city and state are you from? *
Which week(s) are you interested in: *
Are you a member of your state's high school association? *
What state classification do you compete under? *
2A, 4A, 6A...etc
Please list your team's recent accomplishments: *
Ex: Recent awards/championships, team records, past 1-4 years
Please list your top returning players and some details about them *
Ex: College committed to, are they a draft prospect, tools, etc.
If a spot weren't available in our tournament, would you be interested in our HS Spring Training? *
Our high school spring training program is sanctioned and allows teams to play a specified number of games over a specified period of time. It is not a tournament format and allows teams more flexibility in scheduling. Spring training games are primarily played at the Boombah Sports Complex.
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