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CPR Lifesaving for Teachers
MyCPR Malaysia is creating a new project to teach life-saving CPR skills for teachers and staff at school.

Our aim is to teach CPR to as many people as possible and break down some of the stigma and barriers preventing people especially the teachers from learning or using the skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

The first phase of this project will be delivered early next year in Klang Valley and hopefully, it will be extended to other states in subsequent years.

In our Malaysian community, the frequency of bystander Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is dismally low. According to the study, we have only about 8%-20% of the total population who are really know how to do CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) compared to other developed countries in the world (40-70%).

The presence of early bystander CPR improves the chance of survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest as it serves as a vital link in the chain of survival. For every minute without CPR after the onset of arrest, the chance of survival decreases approximately 8%–10%. Thus after 10 minutes, we may lose someone if there is no intervention commenced.

Within that small number of population, we could not figure out how many school teachers who have been trained in CPR or BLS. There is no information or study that recorded a database of CPR knowledge, awareness or perception among the teacher population in our country.

But there is a great need to train CPR and BLS among the school teacher groups nowadays because in recent years there were few reported cases of schoolchildren who died after collapsed or choked at school, which actually could be saved if basic life-saving was commenced.

MyCPR Malaysia needs to purchase more new training manikins to be used as part of the training. We currently have 3 CPR adult manikins and 3 CPR infant manikins which are actually not adequate to achieve the standard quality of training for a large number of participants.

Thus, we would like to raise funds to buy 2 sets of Mini Anne Plus manikins (from Laerdal brand) as above pictures.

These manikins will be used in our MyCPR program with the teachers at primary and secondary schools next year.

MyCPR Malaysia program is currently run by Persatuan Kesihatan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM Health). As a registered society under the Registrar of Society (ROS) Malaysia, IKRAM Health is allowed to receive donations from the public to fund its activities.

Let’s keep MyCPR program running and save as many lives as we can. Thank you

YOU can make a difference!!!

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