Amazing May 2019!
The first question of the booking form might be in Korean. Just enter your e-mail address and your Google language settings should kick in. If not make sure you are signed into Google. In extreme cases you might need to use Google Translate although this is very seldom necessary.

Please make sure that you enter your correct e-mail address for Individual and Group Organiser Bookings to receive the final arrangements, just before the tour. You can only submit 1 booking per e-mail, so it is important to use the correct e-mail address for group members when submitting their bookings. This is to make sure that everyone knows about any schedule changes.

In cases of people not having an e-mail address just enter, but these members will not get the final arrangements sent to their e-mails, so it is important that you inform them or they can check on the Facebook Event or on the Web Event just before the tour.

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Geoje Island (Gujora Beach): May 4 - 6.
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