ReCap Of TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020
今回の ReCap では、TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020 で気になったセッションや解説してもらいたいセッションに関する質問を事前に集め、そのセッション動画を Googler や GDE(Google Developers Expert)たちが解説していく予定です。
TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020 Keynote
Learning to read with TensorFlow and Keras
TensorFlow Hub: Making model discovery easy
Collaborative ML with
TF 2.x on Kaggle
Performance profiling in TF 2
Research with TensorFlow
Differentiable convex optimization layers
Scaling Tensorflow data processing with
Scaling TensorFlow 2 models to multi-worker GPUs
Making the most of Colab
MLIR: Accelerating TF with compilers
TFRT: A new TensorFlow runtime
TFX: Production ML with TensorFlow in 2020
TensorFlow Enterprise: Productionizing TensorFlow with Google Cloud
TensorFlow.js: ML for the web and beyond
TensorFlow Lite: ML for mobile and IoT devices
TensorFlow and ML from the trenches: The Innovation Experience Center at JPL
Getting involved in the TF community
Responsible AI with TensorFlow
TensorFlow Quantum: A software platform for hybrid quantum-classical ML
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