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Thank you for listening to "The Word Is Resistance," a podcast of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) - Faith! We hope you'll take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us about the podcast! We are hoping to grow a base of white faith leaders taking bold action for racial justice. This survey will help us move more people of faith into concrete action for racial and economic justice. Thanks!
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We will follow up with you to support your pledges above, so we're asking you to share your contact info next. But first, here are 2 ways you can start celebrating the podcast now!
1 -- Share our "Top 10" episode compilations, found here:

2 -- Make a gift to support our work! "The Word Is Resistance" is a unique, powerful, and necessary voice in the work of dismantling white supremacy, and as such is one way we live into SURJ's mission of moving more white people to act for racial justice. Your gift supports us in this work and will have double the impact, as all contributions will be split evenly between SURJ and Soulforce. We are thrilled to partner with Soulforce in this work!

Soulforce is a 20-year-old LGBTQI organization that works to sabotage Christian Supremacy and end the political and religious oppression of all marginalized people. With an ethic of relentless, nonviolent resistance, Soulforce sabotages Christian Supremacy through research and informed strategy; political and theological education; spiritual reclamation and community healing; and creative campaigns and direct action.

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