CSPC Volunteer Interest
Want to make new friends? Contribute to something you care about? Learn new skills? Become a CSPC volunteer! Whether you want to help with events or work behind the scenes, this is how you let us know! We're working to schedule volunteer orientations to help bring you on board as a volunteer.

This organization is run solely by volunteers . Thank you for having the passion, initiative, and courage to help get the Center back on it’s feet!

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What kind of tasks appeal to you?
Is there a project that you would like to take the lead on?
If you want to share more, or if we didn't cover it above. In a sentence, what one thing would you like to personally carry out to help the CSPC? Just a brief summary, details can be worked out later.
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Do you have particular skills that you could share?
We are creating a repository of skills in our community that we can call on when needs arise. This can include knowledge (ex: nonprofit tax law), creative (Feel free to include a link to examples of your work.), manual (ex: swinging a hammer, helping us build things), technical (ex: cross-platform mobile dev), etc.
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