Quiz Retake Form
You must complete this form before you retake a unit quiz.

You may only retake a quiz if you score less than 88% of the possible points (IB Bio 1) or 84% (IB Bio 2).

The highest grade that you will receive on a retake is 88% of the possible points (IB Bio 1) or 84% (IB Bio 2). .

The retake will probably have different but similar questions than from the original quiz.

You have two weeks from the date that you received back the quiz to retake it. If you don’t retake it, you will keep your original score.
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Who is your IB Biology teacher?
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What was your score on the original quiz?
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What mistakes and/or misunderstandings did you have on the original quiz?
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By hitting submit, you understand that although the goal is to score higher on the retake, the new score (with a max of 88%) will always replace the original score, which means the score could decrease if you earn a lower grade on the retake. Retakes must be completed within two Friday’s of the return of the original quiz and in the same marking period of the original quiz. You may not retake midterms or final exams.
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