Mark Allen Squash Camps 2018: WEEK 3
2018 Camp Pre-Application FOR CAMP WEEK 3 (SUNDAY JULY 8 TO FRIDAY JULY 13)

If you would like to attend CAMP WEEK 3 of the Mark Allen Squash Camps Summer 2018 then you need to begin by filling out this on-line pre-application form. If you fulfill all of the camp criteria, and a space on the camp is still available, then you will be accepted. Upon acceptance you will be emailed another 6 forms (including one for payment) that all need to be filled out and mailed to us within two weeks.


Camp Participants Name *
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If the camp is full would you like to be put on the waitlist? *
If camp week 3 is full, would you like to be added to the waitlist? Over the last three years those in the top 2-3 positions on the waitlist have usually ended up getting in.
Will you be a residential camper or day camper? *
Camp Participants Age (on July 8, 2018) *
In order to participate as an overnight camper the participant must be at least 13 years of age (by the first day of camp). We do accept day campers of 12 years old, but are very strict on this criteria for residential campers.
Gender *
U.S. Squash Rating (see picture below) *
Please note that rating is not ranking - they are not the same thing. To qualify for one of our camps the player must have a US Squash Rating of at least 3.0. There are no exceptions to this rule. Player rating can be found by visiting your player profile page on
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How to find your rating on
Female Participant Shirt Size
Please select your shirt based on ADULT sizes. Answer this question if you want a FEMALE shirt. If you want a male shirt then do not answer.
Male Participant Shirt Size
Please select your shirt based on ADULT sizes. Answer this question if you want a MALE shirt. If you want a female shirt then do not answer.
Parents Name *
We will only communicate with one parent, so please put the name of the parent you would prefer us to be dealing with.
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Parents Email Address *
Please check to make sure you enter this correctly as almost all our communication will be via email.
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Parents Cell Phone *
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Your City & State *
Eg. Baltimore, MD or San Francisco, CA
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You can expect an email response from us within the next 72 hours. If you do not receive one please email us at Don't forget to fill out a separate form for each week of camp, and for each individual applicant.
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