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Use this form to send in pertinent details regarding your upcoming talk. It is expected that this form is filled and sent one(1) week before the scheduled talk.

It is expected that papers are chosen from SCI (Science Citation Index) with journal impact factor (for the last three or five years) of **at least** 3.

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This may be a bit different from the title of the primary reference paper to be presented.
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You may provide a short description of the topics included in your talk. Without this, it is assumed that you will follow the flow of the primary reference journal paper.
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Separate by semi-colon for multiple authors. Example: Saloma, Caesar; Perez, Gay Jane; Gavile, Catherine Ann; Ick-Joson, Jacqueline Judith; Palmes-Saloma, Cynthia
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Copy the abstract from the paper. You may use shortened version of the actual abstract.
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Use Nature format: <author(s)>. <full title>. <journal title> <volume>, <manuscript no.> (<year>) doi:<DOI>
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Other reference(s) used
Use Nature format in full citation with each journal separated by semi-colon. E.g. Reference 1; Reference 2; Reference 3
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