Poetry Port
Welcome to another CLMOOC Collaboration! We're riffing of the concept of the Typewriter Rodeo project, where participants give some information to folks with typewriters and the quick-fingered poets type out a poem for them on the spot. This online form allows you to give the group of CLMOOC poets some basic information, and our task (gulp) is to write you a poem. We can't promise we'll be using typewriters.
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What is the theme or question you'd like us to address?
What are some words or phrases you might suggest the poets use in your poem?
What is your name and Twitter handle? (optional)
Who is this for - you or somebody else? (If the latter, please add their name and Twitter Handle)
What is your mailing address? (Very optional - only for those wanting a physical postcard sent to them)
If you don't want your poem delivered via Twitter or by Postcard, do you have another means for us to get your poem to you? (email, etc.)
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