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Osaamisbotti - Project Background
Osaamisbotti is developing a conversational AI based platform which can be tailored for various purposes like recruitment services, skills screening, career coaching and mentoring. The platform offers unique value in automating pre-screening of information through conversational AI, 24/7 availability through the most common messaging channels, personalized and research based language. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of tools for communication, target setting and activities tracking.

The Challenge
Our customers are both private coaching companies and public services. In Finland we already have a customer base and its growing nicely. We are now looking for ways to expend abroad with a focus mainly on European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and others. For this we would need deeper understanding of the career coaching landscape and regulations in each country to be able to fit our service to each market's needs.
International talents with possible background in HR or in the public sector from one of target countries.
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