2019 Senior Facilitator (SuFa) Application
Applications must be completed by 01-05-2019.

If you have any questions or difficulties with this application, please e-mail Tinsley and Eric in the staff account (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com).

Criteria to return as a SuFa:
Be at least 21 years old
$75 fundraising, $100 suggested
Attend a mandatory staff training

MLS 2019 will be held June 7-9, with staff reporting on Thursday, June 6 at the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO.

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I understand that training is MANDATORY. If I cannot make training, or do not show up to training without contacting the Director of Staff (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com) and recieving approval, I understand that I will be required to raise an extra $50 (in addition to the required $50) in funding by May 1st to retain my spot on staff. If an unforseeable circumstance should arise, I will contact the Director of Staff (missourileadership.staff@gmail.com) immediately for board approval to miss training (and not be fined). *
Personal Response Questions
For ALL APPLICANTS: At seminar, we discuss the strengths of leaders in our Superpower Panel (i.e. the StrengthsFinder attributes). After reviewing the link below, describe your top three leadership strengths. How do you plan to use them at MLS 2019? Provide concrete examples. *
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You can find a list of the StrengthsFinder Attributes here.
For ALL SUFA Applicants: Why do you want to return as a SUFA or become a first year SUFA for the 2019 Missouri Leadership Seminar? *
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Are you available for the entire duration of seminar?
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