Hawthorne Family Playschool Enrollment Application
Hawthorne Family Playschool is a mixed-age, play-based cooperative preschool fostering meaningful relationships and focusing on social and environmental justice. Our teacher/director, Susan Eisman, has 30 years of experience with young children and families. She draws from the practices of Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Re-evaluation Counseling, and peace activism. She partners with invested teachers, intern students, volunteers and families to provide a nurturing learning community in which children and adults thrive.

We welcome families who are eager to invest in our learning community--sharing interests, passions, skills, time and conversations to support our children's learning as well as our own. We embrace diversity, welcoming families of any race, color, sexual orientation, ability, and national or ethnic origin. We encourage families to share ideas and resources, reach out to each other for play dates, arrange childcare swaps, and generally just tap into the positive energy that comes from connecting with each other around the children we love.

We value the intimate connections that are made through family participation whether that's on the board of directors, sharing ideas at our monthly community meetings, joining a work committee or volunteering in the classroom. Family participation brings us a shared sense of ownership, and through our collaborative efforts, our program and community thrive. Our outstanding preschool program and vibrant community would not flourish without the conscientious participation of all our families. Please take a moment to review the Family Commitments outlined below before filling out the application.


Families have two Enrollment Options with Two Different Tuition Rates Associated with Each.
"With Classroom Shifts" or "Without Classroom Shifts." (See tuition scale on our website)

Classroom Shifts for those Opting In . - In a 6 -7 week period, each family is scheduled at least once in each of these roles: Classroom Helper,
Snack Parent, and Alternate/Lunch Bunch. Every 12-14 weeks, 2-day families should plan on working about 6 shifts and 3-day families should plan on about 8-9. (Or you may pay for the Opt Out Program).

Jobs -Each family must hold a job or board position that contributes to running our school. (This is independent of whether or not you work in the classroom).

Work Parties - Families are required to participate in an outdoor work party to maintain our natural playscape.

Community Meetings - We meet one evening a month at the school. Meeting regularly allows us to support our program and connect as a community. All families are expected to send at least one representative to these monthly meetings.

Tuition - HFP is pleased to offer a sliding scale tuition. Families may also apply for tuition assistance to offset the cost of our program.

Fundraising- Tuition alone does not cover compensation of our teacher and the operating costs of our school. Fundraising is HFP’s other source of income, and each family must contribute to achieving our fundraising goals.

Thank you!
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