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Hey, POP SQUAD!!! If you are interested in a free, live coaching call with me, please complete this form in its entirety.

I will use the information provided in this form to select women who will be a good fit for the live coaching call. This call is for anyone who struggles with procrastination and/or self-sabotage in some way. I will not be able to select everyone who applies, unfortunately.

The information you provide will remain private-only me and my team will access it.Should you be selected, you will be asked how much of the information you are willing to share. You have the option to remain anonymous, if you so choose, however, you will be asked to share your story.

If you are selected, my team will reach out to you to schedule your coaching call. We ask that you block off at least one hour for the initial call and 15-20 minutes for the follow-up call. During the coaching session, I will provide you with specific strategies that I ask you to implement, you will implement them in your life, and then we will follow-up with a second call to check on your progress.

I am looking for women who are really desire to change their life and transform by pushing through their procrastination. If that is YOU, submit your information below, and I look forward to meeting with you!

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