Fitrah Sips - Admission Form
All questions must be answered fully and correctly.
All the details will be verified soon after the initial registration.
NEW PUPILS ONLY: After submitting this form, please email and attach your child's most recent School and/or Madrasah report and a copy of his passport/birth certificate in order to complete the application. E-mail address:

Applications will be deemed incomplete without these documents and therefore will not be considered.

Please note that filling this form does NOT mean your child is accepted.

An interview, entry test and registration fees are required before final admission letter is issued.
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By law, contact details for two people (other than the main parents/carer) needs to be available for each student should an emergency occur and the parent/guardian is out of reach.
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Madrasah Address with full Post Code (if any)
Has the applicant ever been temporarily or permanently excluded or suspended from a current or previous school/Madrasah? even if it was for few hours? (if yes further details will be requested) *
Was this child subject to any care plan or child protection plan by any local authority in UK or abroad? (if yes further details will be requested) *
Does the applicant have any medical conditions? *
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Does the applicant have any dietary needs *
Does the applicant have any additional/physical/emotional/psychological or educational needs? *
Declaration - Privacy Statement
At Fitrah Sips, we take our privacy responsibilities seriously and as such we will only use your personal information to manage our responsibilities towards your child – all personal information will only be used in accordance with this goal. From time to time, we will need to get in touch with you, either via email, letter or telephone, to update you about the school, any generic developments and to inform you of any issues relating to your child’s health and well-being. We will also communicate via Mobile SMS and/or email to inform you of any programs taking place at Fitrah Sips or any of its projects. We will manage this data in a professional, ethical and secure way to maintain the integrity of our records – so that we can run the school accordingly. Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared with ANY third parties. Only authorised staff can access your secured personal information. For full information on data protection and privacy please see our Data Protection and Privacy policies available from the school office. By ticking the box YES, you confirm that you have read and understood the above privacy statement and as such give us the consent required to contact you regarding matters as highlighted above. By ticking the following box, I hereby declare that:
I have read and understood the above privacy statement and give consent to contact you regarding matters as highlighted above *
CONTRACT AGREEMENT: We have experienced unpleasant experience from some parents who struggle to find a place in local schools. They end up misusing our school as "waiting room" until they find a place in another school. To stop this, we now ask all parents to sign for an absolute minimum of a one-year contract, regardless of the reason of leaving. Once a parent sign up and make first payment, it is non-refundable and whole year becomes payable (just like any mobile phone or broadband contract). Even if attended the school for a week, parents must pay for a whole year. *
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