Heidi Parkes' Workshop and Yoga Sign Up
Hand Quilting Workshop

Date: Friday, August 12th

Time: 6-9:30 pm

Location: RPCC, Room 6

Cost: $55

Materials: Pre-made sandwiched quilt top with pins or safety pins every eight inches or so (no basting spray) either pieced or whole cloth, thick thread for quilting (no embroidery floss) like cotton crochet thread in size 10 or pearl cotton size 8 (Heidi likes a contrasting thread), needles such as milliners needles (Dritz has a 16 pack sizes 3-9), rubber needle gripper, metal thimble, optional rubber thimble, large heavy book, scissors or nippers, and optional 1" or thinner masking tape. It's unlikely the class will make it to binding their quilts, but if so, you will need binding fabric, a rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, iron, and ironing board.


Date: Saturday, August 13th

Time: 10-11:30 am

Location: RPCC, Multipurpose Room

Cost: FREE

Details: In this 90 minute yoga class, Heidi will explain why yoga has been helpful to her as a quilting and how it has impacted her art. Hand quilting can be a moving meditation. Quilting is hard on the body. Yoga can be used to open our hearts, un-hunch our backs, and strengthen our hands. Yoga therapy and Ayurvedic (a holistic healing system based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit) daily routines can be beneficial to quilters. Within the 90 minutes, you will also learn the significance of the yoga poses and have a longer savasana with essential oils.

Materials: bring a yoga mat and wear appropriate and comfortable yoga clothing

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