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Darkroom Rules and Responsibilities
Welcome to the 304 Collective Community Darkroom! Please read on for information on membership rules and responsibilities, darkroom policies and procedures, and other great stuff. We look forward to working together in the darkroom!

• 304 Collective Community Darkroom is a membership based work space. Only registered members who are current on dues are allowed to work in this space.
• New members should complete a membership application and complete a background check and orientation class.
• All new members must complete a 2 hour “Darkroom Orientation” class, which will cover safety, member rules, building upkeep, chemical safety and disposal, cleaning responsibilities, and other important information. To schedule your session, email chris@304collective.com. Members who previously attended a film workshop at the 304 Collective are exempt.
• Members gain access to the building using a key fob after hours. You will receive your key fob on your first visit to the darkroom.
• Members use the darkroom at their own risk, and should fully read the “Darkroom Hazards” document you will be provided before entering the work space.
• Current hours for non-members are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Hours are subject to change. Members in good standing have 24-hour access to the facility.
• All members should carefully review these “Rules and Responsibilities of the Darkroom”. Repeated failure to comply with member responsibilities can result in termination of membership without refund.
• All members will be asked to sign a “Liability Release” form before your first session. It is your responsibility to ask a staff member if you have any questions or concerns about use of the darkroom.
• 304 Collective provides basic black and white developing chemicals for use in the darkroom. Members may use their own chemicals if desired.

• At this time, darkroom use is available via scheduling on the website at www.304collective.com and requests will be approved in the order they are received.
• Absolutely no guests are allowed to work in the darkroom without prior authorization from 304 Collective ownership. Unauthorized guests will result in termination of membership. To request darkroom access for a guest, email chris@304collective.com at least 48 hours in advance, and guests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
• One non-member guest may accompany a member into the building, but may not use the darkroom under any circumstance. Absolutely no children under the age of 12 are allowed in the building after hours without prior authorization from 304 Collective.
• A limited number of small storage spaces are available for personal items and photographic paper in the darkroom. If you would like to reserve a small storage area, you may do so at orientation or by email. 304 Collective is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items left unattended. If you would like to store items, it is recommended to bring a small storage box clearly labeled with your name.
• 304 Collective reserves the right to revoke without refund the membership of any members who consistently do not respect other members, follow darkroom procedures, or clean according to the posted guidelines.

• Always assume that someone is working in the darkroom when entering the room. Knock on the darkroom door firmly and wait for a response before entering the door, and be sure to fully close the gray door before opening the curtains. Being careless when entering the workspace can result in ruining another member's work.
• Take care with enlargers and accessories including easels, timers, and grain focusers. This equipment can be fragile. When adjusting enlargers, always grip the enlarger head tightly before loosening the bolts, as some enlarger heads are spring loaded.
• Carefully review the information on each jug of chemistry before mixing to the proper dilution and flling trays.
• Use tongs and trays only with the chemicals for which they are labeled to avoid cross-contamination.
• Remember that cleanliness in the lab is crucial to having a quality workspace for all! Show respect to your fellow members by cleaning up after yourself. Pay special attention when you leave to the steps below in order to be sure you are fulflling your membership responsibilities.

• Do not pour diluted chemicals (working solutions) into the full strength or stock jugs. Diluted chemicals that are not exhausted (stop bath/fixer) can be poured back into an empty jug and labeled with your initials, the name of the chemical, strength of dilution, and date of use. Film developers are treated as one-shot, and should be discarded after each roll of film.
• Diluted print developing chemicals should be returned to their respective containers after a print session.
• All chemicals containing silver (fixers) must be disposed of as posted in the darkroom and cannot be poured down the drain. Exhausted black and white fixer goes in the 5 gallon blue bucket labeled “Exhausted Fixer” on the floor under the sink. Developers, stop baths and other "accessory" chemicals can be dumped down the drain along with running water.

• Always leave the enlarger station or work space in the condition you found it (or better!) Lenses, flm carriers, and timers should remain with their designated enlargers. Grain focusers, easels, and filters should be left with their enlargers.
• Thoroughly rinse all film tanks and leave all components unassembled and laid out on a paper towel to air dry.
• Thoroughly rinse any and all print developing trays, tongs, beakers, and any other lab equipment and leave to dry.
• Place any completely dry equipment in its appropriate storage area

• For fire, police or medical emergencies, CALL 911.
• Building address is 700 Morgantown Avenue Fairmont, WV 26554
• First aid kit and eye wash bottle are located in the restroom
• For building issues of a time sensitive nature (like plumbing leaks, broken windows, or trouble with locking the doors) call (304) 290-8902. If you do not get an answer, be sure to leave a message describing the problem. If at all possible, please do not leave the building if there are leaks or if the building is not secure.

Email chris@304collective.com or call 304-290-8902 if you need help in the darkroom...
• If a piece of equipment isn't working properly, please do not try fx it yourself - let us help! Leave a note on the equipment describing the problem, and include your name and phone number or email address. Then send us an email to give us a heads up.
• If we are running low on a certain chemical, send us an email and we will mix more stock solution.
• Please be mindful that this is a shared space. If you think you may have contaminated a working solution, or if you may have damaged a piece of equipment, don't leave it for someone else to discover, just let us know with a call or an email. We understand that accidents happen.
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