PRLAC 20/21 Season Volunteers Survey
As we return to the new track this season, volunteers will be more important than ever. Sadly though, if we don't get enough helpers, volunteers, and committee members then we will not be able to have a season. We need parents to take on roles, and provide help and assistance it is as simple as that. We need to be satisfied that we will be able to effectively run a season with enough volunteers and helpers before we commit to a start date.

The following questions are extremely important for us to look at when making decisions this season. It isn't the committees club, it is the communities club and we as servants of the community and the club will do whatever we can to get our season up and running however it requires by in from parents and every bit of help will ensure we can have a great season.
Do you have prior experience in athletics or have volunteered in the past at PRLAC or other centres? Have you volunteered or been on committee at another sporting club in the past? *
In response to the previous question, can you please provide brief details of this experience. What roles did you undertake? If you answered no, please type 'N/A'. *
Do you wish to contribute to helping out, volunteering or being on committee this season in any of these roles? We'd love to have you! *
What skills or interests do you have? This can help us to find a position, job or role for you. *
How many members of the family would consider volunteering at PRLAC this season? (include any family members including older siblings that may be interested!) *
What are your reasons why you wish or don't wish to volunteer at PRLAC this upcoming season? *
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Please provide your contact details which will then allow us to contact you with more information regarding the commencement of the upcoming season, contact you regarding volunteering roles for you, and provide you with a link to our AGM.
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