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The YPIC challenge is a scientific game compiling team work, project management skills and requiring some clever experimental insight. Your team decides how you go about, when you nail it and how to report your final findings!

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And what is that challenge exactly? It is actually quite easy! First, team up with maximum 2 other, complementary colleagues (mass spectrometrists, bioinformaticians, wet lab scientist,...). When registered with your team of 3 below, we will send you a mixture of synthetic peptides, which you analyze as you see fit (no restrictions here) in order to decipher the sentence formed by those peptides! It is not so much about finding all the words encoded in these peptides, as it is about finding the book this quotation comes from. As for any scientific challenge, we want you to present your methodologies and results in a short manuscript according to the rules of publication. At the end of the ride, you will have gone through a scientific challenge just like the ones to meet in everyday life. This way, we can use your experiences to not only debrief on the outcome of the game but equally use it as a stepping stone for a discussion/workshop on real life in science at HUPO 2017, in Dublin. Everyone can exchange on their experience there, both in the game and IRL! And of course, we will award the winning team with a prize. Just to be clear: you do not have to be present at HUPO in order to win the prize! Everyone can compete!

You want to take part in this great adventure!? You just have to fill in this registration form before August 20 and we will send you the synthetic peptides shortly! You have until September 10 to submit the manuscript.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us: ypic16@gmail

The Young Proteomics Investigators Club


Important dates
Deadline for registration: August 20 2017.

The challenge ends at September 10 2017

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