Seminars: European patent opportunities
We are happy to welcome three representatives from the European Patent Office in Munich to our region, August 23-24. It is a great opportunity for researchers as well as companies and other actors to get basic information as well as an update on opportunities for patent protection in Europe and their implications.

Seminars will be given in both Norrköping (the 23rd) and Linköping (the 24th). Each day there will be an introduction to intellectual property rights and the patent system in general (IP Basics 8:30-10:00) and a deeper look into Computer-Implemented Inventions and Artificial Intelligence (IP Advanced 10:30-12:15). There will be a certain focus on ICT, image processing and AI, but most of the information will be generally applicable. You may participate the entire morning in each city, or just in one of the sessions. Registration below.

Norrköping: Thursday 23rd August, 2018 8:30-12:15
LiU, Campus Norrköping, Kopparhammaren 2, KO23
Linköping: Friday 24th August, 2018 8:30-12:15
LiU, Campus Valla, house B, entrance 27, room: Ada Lovelace
Visiting experts
Roland Johansson, director, European Patent Office, Munich
Lars Eckert, patent examiner Team Image Processing, European Patent Office, Munich
Volker Scholz, patent examiner Team Image Processing, European Patent Office, Munich
8:00 Coffee available
8:30 IP basics
- Basics of Intellectual Property and Online Services of the EPO (L. Eckert/V. Scholz)
- Quality and Options for Acceleration of the European Patent System and PCT Direct (R. Johansson)
10:00 Coffee
10:30 IP Advanced
- Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions (L. Eckert)
- Patentability of Artificial Intelligence (V. Scholz)
12:15 Light lunch
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